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Foundations for Good Content

The Magnificent Seven

The 7 key questions to ask before you begin to write your content.

So you have your ideas and you’re ready to run with them. Fab, let’s go and get writing that content on the website.

But wait! Have you considered why you are writing or how it will look in a few months once colleagues and contractors chip in with their work too? Below and in no particular order is a short list of key questions to ask yourself when you're about to start writing content or copy for your company:

  1. Do you have marketing brand guidelines and if so are they clear for everyone and anyone to follow?

  2. Do you have a writing guide or house style document?

  3. Have you developed your customer value proposition (and if so is it grounded on research or insight)?

  4. Do you have a content strategy and if so do you know what the objectives are?

  5. Does your existing content have a specific style or tone of voice?

  6. If writing for the web, do you have an idea of your keywords for SEO?

  7. If you already have content, do you know how it’s currently performing?

If you answer 'no', huh' or 'erm' to any of these questions then you need to have a serious think about your longer term approach to content, copy and brand tone of voice.

This 7 is not exhaustive and the above doesn’t have to be a load of formal stuffy documents. How you approach it is as much about you and your organisation. But the key point is that you do need to consider these core questions if you want to really help guide both in-house staff and contract writers alike. With good guidance on things like house style and proposition, your content or copywriter will be able to adapt their work according to your desired style.

If they’re like me then they may even be able to help you create them.

If this is something you're considering or you’d like a consultation on how best to approach this then why not drop me a line to discuss further.


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