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One Step at a Time

I've always loved writing. Whether it's been stories, copywriting, poems or business proposals. Something about the way words come together to guide, inspire, inform or simply delight has meant that I've been into writing since way back in primary school. And yet here I am thirty years later finally having the courage and conviction to formalise my abilities for the world to see.

My website is me setting out my stall of writing services. After almost 20 years working in various marketing and business roles, where writing has been a key part in so many different forms, it was about time I took that next step. The publication of my new website is not the first step though. In fact freelance writing and proofreading is something I've been doing through networks and contacts for a couple of years now. But this first step took time. I'd wanted to do it for much longer but like many things time was not the only ingredient. Taking that first step to freelance also took confidence, experience, focus and reflection.

For me personally each one of these points was a step towards taking on my first freelance assignment. A number of assignments completed and now here I am ready to publish my website. Here are the key steps as they've been for me and how I feel they have contributed to this journey. I could have called each one an ingredient but for me they are steps. Each one helping to build on the other.

Step One: Focus

Knowing that I wanted writing to be something I did as a part of my life. As the years have gone by I've taken a close look at every aspect of the jobs I've done and the one I always enjoy the most is the writing. It is why I now sit here writing this blog for a website that will ultimately sell my writing services. I could have dismissed it or brushed it off as a whim. But no, I've kept the notion of writing in my mind over the years and kept my focus on achieving my goal of getting a professional freelance writing and marketing service up and running.

Step Two: Experience

Proving to myself and others that I can write well has helped me gain confidence and make those important first steps to taking on those first freelance projects. Two years later and now it's my first website!

Step Three: Courage and Confidence

Being able to maintain that self-belief when others would see you fail. Turning down the volume on the sounds of those naysayers while turning it up for those people who would support me (and believe me when I say 'there has been plenty of both'). Keeping that courage is a tricky job when there so much else going on in your life. Sometimes it could have been all too easy to just give in.

Step Four: Reflection

I am a massive believer in reflection. Without time to reflect on what has been, then how can you be sure you won't make the same mistakes again or improve on what you did last time. And while no approach is ever foolproof, for me such techniques have always helped me to develop personally and professionally.

This website is an exciting new venture in my freelance life but one I am really looking forward to.

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